Free Tonight @ 7PM / Film Distribution Meets Film Finance Workshop


I hope this email well. This is just a quick heads up that Tonight @ 7pm PST a Jeffrey Hardy, CEO of FilmProfit, a leading Film Analytics firm who works with production companies and indie producers to forecast how much films will make will talking about how changes in Theatrical Release have changed (perhaps forever) how films make money.

He will be joined by Rene Leda, a Producer's Rep from Net Minds who works with Producers to sell and pre-sell films to buyers worldwide, and Ray Ellingsen a producer for Motion Pictures Media Group.

If you are working as a filmmaker, screenwriter, or author (with plans to license your books to Hollywood) this is a great workshop to attend.

Here's the Zoom Link:

Remember, you have access to resources that cover film finance from banks, how to work with investors, and how to self fund profitably microbudget films at

Questions? Email I look forward to hearing from you :)

Best Wishes,

Nancy Fulton