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I've posted a link to last night's workshop and workbook on Podcast Wide Release on Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, etc at Remember, we have several workshops that address podcasting because podcasts are such a great, fast, low-risk, high value, and inexpensive way for authors, screenwriters, actors, producers, editors, to break into the industry in a big way. They let you prove that you are very good at what you do.

Upcoming Workshops

Sign up for $20 at to get ALL the following workshops and 120+ additional recorded workshops covering everything from how to fund your film, to how to profitably publish your work, to how to launch your podcast, or sell your expertise.

  • April 6 @ 7PM: (Significant) Hollywood Disasters and (Important) Lessons Learned
    Learn how dreams can become nightmares quickly here in tinsel town. This is a particularly important event for you if you're working on indie productions, or starting to produce on your worn.
  • April 13 @ 7PM: Using Custom Fonts Legally to Create Better Movie Posters, Book Covers, Pitches, etc.
    Fonts are key to making book covers, movie posters, trailers, and other content pack a punch.
  • April 20 @ 7PM How to Buy and Use Special FX in Videos, Films, and Animations
    Special FX are now something you can buy easily. Use them to make your films, sizzle reels, social media marketing videos, etc. look amazing.
  • April 27 @ 7PM Attorney Asa Pitt: Creative Rights Agreements and the Impact of Divorce
    This is a critical event to attend if you are contemplating a divorce, have been divorced, or have/plan to have a co-writer, producing partner going forward, etc. To learn more about Asa’s work, and schedule a free consultation visit and

If you have questions, please email I've been running 50+ informative meetups every year since 2015. I've been writing and producing profitably for decades. I've taught for UCLA, the Art Institute, School for Creative Startups in the UK, and Fortune 100 companies. I currently support more than 50K+ in my meetup groups. I look forward to helping you do what you love more profitably.

Free Today & Tomorrow: Breaking into Media in 5 Days at If you are tired of waiting to do the kind of work you want to do, this workshop and workbook can help. They are free today and tomorrow, and I think you'll find they provide you with do-able options and a strategy that can help you take some big steps forward quickly.

Best Wishes!

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