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This week we have a free workshop featuring Film Analytics expert Jeff Hardy, CEO of FilmProfit, Producers Rep Rene Leda, and Producer Ray Ellingsen who will be discussing how significant changes in theatrical release are going to effect your film financial forecasts. If you are working to produce a high-value feature film, and you need support from investors or banks, sign up to attend at

Next week you'll be learning where and how to actually sell film and TV content using several online services, and you'll be learning how to find what distributors want to buy going forward so you can reach out to them about new projects. For full details go to

We'll also be doing a workshop that lets you learn how to profitably define, price, and sell services (like script notes, copyediting, promotion, film budgeting, storyboarding, etc) to people in the industry. If you have, in the past, really had trouble getting paid for the expert services you provide, you'll find this workshop important. Sign up here:

Finally, I got four requests this week from people who need help creating pitch decks created for Film and TV projects they want to sell. If you really struggle to create pitch deck's for yourself, I have created a pdf that offers three swift providers that are highly rated and very cost effective. The more you can pitch, the more you can sell. Most producers end up working with a graphic artist or marketing-pro to create pitch decks, just as they hire a cinematographer to shoot their picture. Link to Pdf:

I have more events in the works for next month :) If you have topics you'd like me to cover, please let me know.

Remember that VIP/PROs get access to all the live online workshops, videos, workbooks, I provide, as well as 1-to-1 answers to their questions. Get everything for $71/year (that's just $6/month):

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