Coming Up: Screenplay How To Workshop / Applied Hypnosis Workshop Coming Up


We have Two Upcoming Live Events you can sign up for now. 

Pro Subscribers/VIP Members should check their libraries for invitations or email me for instructions on how to attend. 

Pro Subscribers get access to 140+ workbooks and videos free. They also get free access to most online events, and big discounts on face to face events.  Sign up now for $10/month.  Special offer ends in January.

Here are some of the in-depth recorded workshops you can get by becoming a Pro Subscriber

  • Video: Packaging & Selling Your Expertise
  • Video: Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals
  • Video: Critical Entertainment Tax Law Fundamentals with Danny Sioni CPS Tax Pros
  • Video: Avoiding Litigation with Attorney Justin interviewed
  • Video: Contract Fundamentals with Attorney Justin Sterling
  • Video: Understanding Convertible Debt Investments
  • Video: Doing Due Diligence So You Don't Get Scammed
  • Video: Hiring People Legally Nationwide with Castifi
  • Video: Making Media with Friends as Partners
  • Video: Exactly How to Raise Money From Investors
  • Video: Avoiding Development Hell
  • Video: Getting Paid on Back End Deals
  • Video: Producing a Podcast
  • Video: Editing Audio with Audacity
  • Video: Creating Digital Voices to Record Audio Dramas, Podcasts, and Audiobooks
  • Video: Writing and Producing Stage Plays
  • Video: Earning More as a Standup Comic
  • Video: Critical Entertainment Tax Law Fundamentals with Danny Sioni CPS Tax Pros
  • Video: Social Media Posting That Sells You & Your Work

Questions? Email me at

Best Wishes :)

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