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If you are producer, or you want to be, and you want to make feature films, documentaries, television shows, game shows, talk shows, reality TV shows, or high-value web series more quickly, cheaply, and profitably, tomorrow's workshop is critical. 

  • It will radically cut your budgets and your shooting risks and that makes your film radically easier to fund and produce. The project you can't figure out how to produce right this minute will become radically and instantly easier and cheaper to make. 
  • It will teach you exactly why this is so. You need to understand how production is getting easier and cheaper for you. 
  • It will explain why other producers (who are competing with you for investment, distribution, audience, etc) are going to make your project harder to fund and produce if you don't understand this technology. Thousands of producers here in LA are rapidly adopting this technology. If you are not adopting it, you are at a disadvantage for that gets worse day by day. It's exactly like deciding you're going to shoot on film which everyone else is shooting digitally.  

Unreal Engine based Virtual Production is really a key change in the media marketplace, and you can't be a producer (screenwriter, performer, etc) without understand it. It's critical because it changes all the costs of production, what can be produced, where it can be produced, etc. 

  • Remember when everyone was shooting on film, and then some producers started shooting on video?  This is that major a transition. 
  • Remember when everyone was working with old distributors, and some producers decided to produce for the streaming  platforms (Amazon, Netflix, Apple) and now those producers are the industry leaders? This is that transition all over again. 

The Unreal Engine is entirely free. There are thousands of 3D locations already created that you can use in your work, and it's cheap to build any any additional environment you want to put actors in. To shoot on unreal sets, you shoot on a green screen stage, which are cheap to rent and/or cheap to create. This technology is cheaper and better and faster than shooting on real-world sets. 

This is a hard core technology shift. Virtual Production lets you film your projects here in Los Angeles for less than it costs to film it in Romania. It means you don't need to go hunting in other countries or states for rebates or safe-to-shoot-on locations. It means you can worry far, far less about being shut down by Covid and/or travel restrictions and related high expenses. It means you can have amazing stunts, and special fx in your work and it's cheap and easy.  It means you can shoot fully photorealistic scenes set anywhere on earth, in space, or on other planets. It lets you accurately render the past and future. 

It means you can put your actors anywhere, interview your documentary guests in any location (investigators and ghost hunters can walk murder scenes), create game shows with amazing elements. 

Sign up now to attend this expert workshop at because it's just a smart thing to do.  

If you are a VIP/PRO you do not have to sign up.  You are automatically getting the link to attend the live workshop (which you should do :) and you'll get a recording of it as well along with all the other events we do this month and this whole library of resources ( If you are not a VIP/PRO and want to become one, sign up at so I can invite you to tomorrow's workshop. 

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

Caption: Darnell Williams, an expert Producer / Virtual Production Supervisor who is tomorrow's guest. 

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