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On Thursday Producer and Leading Virtual Production Supervisor Darnell Willams will address how to shoot your feature film, television series, web series, talk show, short film or sizzle using the Unreal Game Engine used by millions worldwide everyday. 

VIRUTAL PRODUCTION is very fast. It's cheaper. It makes your projects easier to fund. It lets you put your actors in any 3D environment, from inside an expensive house, walking down a Paris street, walking through a jungle, floating through a space station, on another planet, etc. It makes it easy/cheap to do action shots, special fx shots, etc. Imagine shooting Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Jurassic Park etc. without months of post production. Imagine being able to shoot on 3 different sets in a day. 

The equipment is cost effective, production is fast, and you can shoot broadcast quality or 4K as desired.  If you are pitching or producing a film or TV project, you can't afford to miss this workshop. Darnell Williams helps producers create the budgets and shooting schedules they need to fund their projects, and works with them as virtual production supervisor to shoot their projects. Major studios and leading independent film and TV producers are using this robust, straight-forward, technology because it's the financially smart and visually amazing thing to do. 

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We have other events coming up:

SEPTEMBER 14 Learn How to Actually Get YOUR IMDB CREDITS for Films, WebSeries, Podcasts, TV Series and Other Work. If you are sick of IMDB not listing your credits, and thereby misrepresenting your work to the world, this workshop will help. This is a key workshop for everyone, but especially producers.


SEPTEMBER 23 How Authors and Screenwriters Can Work with Studio Folks and Publishing Insiders to get their work ready to sell.  If you want real 1-to-1 support from real experts with real credits and real connections. Sick of taking classes? Tired of general advice? Desperate for actual answers from people actively at work film, TV, and publishing? This is the workshop for you.


SEPTEMBER 30 How to Swiftly Cast & Hire Actors for Your Films, Web Series, Podcast, Audiobooks, etc. This is a great workshop for indie pros, especially producers, who want to quickly move their projects forward. Casting is easier than you think.


WANT IT ALL? Become a VIP/PRO. You'll save money and you'll get invited to everything we do. And you'll get access to the entire library of videos we've created from previous workshop. That's well over 150+ hours of on-demand training. And you get 1-to-1 answers to your questions.  SIGN UP:


The following links give you free and very cheap access to great books by indie authors. If you like to read, you will love them. If you are a film, tv, or podcast producer you may also find an enterprising author with a project or two with a project that might make for great media. There's a reason why producers often option books to base their projects on.  It's nice to have thousands of an author's fans eagerly waiting for your work to come out. 


If you have questions about the workshops and other resources in this email, or have trouble with any of the links, just reach out to for a quick response. I very much look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton 


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