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We have five workshops coming up, including one scheduled for 7pm tonight. It's the last one of the year. See the full list of workshops below, and below that some perks.

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If you are a VIP/PRO member, and you need the link for tonight's workshop, look at one of the VIP/PRO emails I've sent you that has all the links in it, or wait for the 3pm email going out today which will have all the links for all the workshops below. If you don't get that, email me (after checking your junk mail folder) at I send out all the links to all VIP/PRO members pretty frequently :)


You get them all for $20 (along with 100+ recorded workshops and supporting workbooks) by signing up at If you sign up before 7pm, you'll get an automated VIP/PRO email with links to all the events below. If you sign up after, I'll be teaching so I can't give you the link and I'll be impossible to email. So sign up as soon as you know you want to attend :)

Dec 16 @ 7PM Building a High-Value Mailing List Passively

Whether you are selling movies, books, or skills, the heart of your marketing probably has to be a mailing list.  Producers who stumble across a short you’ve written can’t be expected to remember you a year later when they have a feature they want to produce. Someone who loves your work as a designer, composer, cinematographer, or director isn’t going to automatically remember you when they start work on their next project.  You have to make a connection. You have to keep it alive. That’s what a good mailing list does. And you can set up one or more mailing lists to quietly, passively, gently and inexpensively collect opportunities for you, if you follow the steps in this workshop.

Jan 4 @ 7PM Sites That Connect You to Stars, Celebrities, and Notables

Connecting to the creative and business leaders that define the entertainment industry has become both easier and harder over the years. If you have a mutually beneficial “good reason” to get in contact with someone famous, can prove you aren’t a loon, and can be trusted, there are several successful methods of outreach that usually work.  In this workshop you’ll learn about sites and strategies that can help you connect with the industry pros, and why these systems have developed over the years to protect both you and the talent you’re trying to reach. 

Jan 11 @ 7PM PST Shopping for Grants to Support Your Work

In this workshop you learn how to access to exhaustive grant databases that list tens of thousands of grants that support individual creatives, non-profits, etc. If you are looking for support for your creative projects, ongoing research, training, etc. We’ll also address the fundamentals of applying for grants and where you can find people to assist you if you find the process difficult. 

Jan 18 @ 7PM PST: Paralyzed: What to do When You Don’t Know What to Do

Being a working creative has always required a lot from writers, screenwriters, producers, directors, cinematographers, designers, etc. Even Michelangelo spent a lot of time looking for work and wondering how to pay the bills. Shakespeare didn’t die richer than Midas. Paralysis seizes all of us from time to time, and for some creatives it turns into a roadblock they never get over or around. Some of the best writers on earth don’t write. Some of the most talented directors give themselves careers that go no where. This workshop gives you skills, tools, techniques, and strategies that keep you sanely, profitably, securely, and contentedly moving forward. They are culled from 30+ years of supporting, training, and   mentoring creative minds, and running a variety of creative enterprises. If you get stuck, or know other creatives that do, this is the workshop for you.

Jan 25 @ 7PM PST: Amazon Kindle Select: Selling Thousands of Pages a Day Profitably

In this workshop we’ll review Kindle Select and how to use it to sell your books profitably. This program is being used by independent writers worldwide to earn many thousands of dollars a month. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to get your books into the free program, and how to use its unique features to maximize the sale of your work by page. We’ll discuss how Kindle Select works with Amazon Unlimited, how you get paid, and whether or not it’s worth agreeing to exclusivity terms for your ebooks. You will learn about promotional options, and how to exit the program on a book by book basis if you decide you want to “go wide” with some or all of your work. If you are a writer writing books, a screenwriter who can turn scripts into books, or a producer who wants to earn more from your movies before and after production, this is an important workshop to attend. 


I enjoy helping creative minds move forward very much. I like the fact that most of the folks I support do lots of things. They are double-threat screenwriters and book authors, or triple-threat writer-director-producers. I like that some make documentaries, some do feature films, some produce podcasts, and some do theater online and off for audiences worldwide. Journalists, cinematographers, production designers, storyboard artists, producer's reps, and TV producers,

That's what a creative community looks like.

2021 was a great year because we, being creative, happily found so many ways to move forward.

For creatives, a log is a canoe, a bunch of boards is a raft, a kite lets us hang glide, some silk and fire becomes the balloon that lets us fly.

We're on the way everywhere all the time, and we pull the rest of the world along with us.

We're always taking weird bits and pieces and turning them into something that serves us, so things aren't much different for us when the world gets thrown a curve ball.

If audiences want to go online, we'll lead them there. If production needs to evolve so it's safer in all ways, we make that happen top. If it rains, we'll move the party indoors. If our barn burns down, we'll put up our play in a glade.

We are robust and we are daring.

You are robust and daring, and I like thinking of ways to help you.

I hope you're looking forward to a great 2022, and I look forward to being of service to you as you reinvent the world as you were born to do. Idea by idea, innovation by innovation, epiphany by epiphany, let's move forward :)

Nancy Fulton


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