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5 Workshops Coming Up in July & August for Writers, Screenwriters & Producers


This is just a heads up on the July/August Workshops. You can sign up to attend them by becoming a VIP/PRO at

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  • 7760 Selling Original Images & Video through Stock Image & Video Sites,
  • 7750 Exploring Film & Television Foreign Media Production Incentives, and
  • 7740 "Stealing Visibility" or How to Make Your Books, Screenplays, Films, etc. Instantly More Valuable


July 13 @ 7pm: Running Your Facebook Ads on an Hourly Schedule (ex: Every Thurs & Friday at 3 to 7pm)

In this workshop, you learn how to run ads that appear on a daily, weekly, or weekend schedule, and how to determine what hours they will run at. This is a critical workshop for anyone who needs to stop wasting their ad budgets.

Many people buy books in the evenings and on the weekends, and if they see your book ads at other times, they won't click on them. If you are running ads for weekend events, you want to promote them on Thursdays and Fridays, not all through the week. If you are targeting soccer moms, then running kid-based event ads might well work better if they display from 3pm-6pm on weekdays. If you are going to be running live online events, and most people sign up at the last minute, you might want to run your ads only in the 6 hours before your event every week. 

In this workshop, you learn how to control when your ads are displayed as well as who they are displayed to. 

As a creative professional selling books, films, plays, and other content, you want to determine when your ad dollars are spent in order to ensure they are most likely to turn into sales. This workshop helps you do that, and it can save you a lot of money while increasing how much your ads actually earn.

July 27 @ 7pm: Your First Film Production Made Easy

In this workshop, you master the skills required to get your first film production out the door quickly. You’ll learn which kinds of projects you should undertake first, and which you should undertake when you have more experience. You learn how to make sure the first project you do moves your career forward because it serves as a good credit, and how to avoid choosing a project that will set your career back by creating expensive content you can’t do anything with. 

We’ll discuss productions that work for any budget (no-budget, nano-budget, low-budget, etc), and discuss how to make sure the project makes you and your crew look good on IMDB, and where/how to submit it to film festivals if that is important to you. You’ll learn how to guarantee that every project you produce gets you great credits.

August 3 @ 7pm: Building Your Career with Activist Content 

As a creative professional who wants to earn a good living, you need an audience. The fastest way to get that audience is to create content people want. How can you find out what people want? Look at the political and social hot topics that are turning up in every news story, every political campaign, and every late-night show opening monologue. 

Activist content, designed and created correctly, is a very fast ticket to personal and financial success because it comes with a guaranteed audience. Choosing the right cause, framing it correctly, and deciding what kind of content to create (social media, film, podcast, short film, book, web series, tv-series or some kind of combination), translates into thousands of followers who like you and your work very much.  But creating Activist Content can also be playing with dynamite. The wrong approach can lead to a huge number of unpleasant outcomes. 

In this workshop, we’ll talk about how you can create a name for yourself, and a place for your point of view, and a revenue stream as well, by creating content that supports a cause.

August 17 @ 7pm: So You Like to Build, or Cook, or Sew (and You Want to Make Lots of Money)

In this workshop we discuss how you can turn something crafty you love to do into something that makes a lot of money through making media.  We will discuss when, where, and how to post/sell your content (as social media, as video training, as books, etc) and how to use this content to sell what you create as well. 

The Maker Revolution is all about how artisans, crafters, inventors, and DIYers are reinventing the economy and the world we live in. As a media creator, you are in the best position to turn your passion into profit from what you know how to do.

You can also help other Makers get the word out about their work, and participate in the revenue the make and they audiences they build. 

August 31 @ 7PM: How to Use Pen Names, Aliases & Pseudonyms to Protect Yourself & Self Your Work

You sing in the church choir, but you like to write erotic romances. You are really well known for your horror novels, but you want to start writing kids books. You are best known for your work as a family-friendly filmmaker, but you’d like to create some racier content for grown ups These are all reasons why you may choose to create work under a pen name, an alias, or a pseudonym. In this workshop we’ll talk about when, why and how to do that. 

We will also discuss how to handle some of the hassles that come with using these techniques to veil your identity, and we’ll discuss what to do when your cover is blown.  You’ll learn why it makes sense to speak to a lawyer about your split personality, and why you may well want their help to get a DBA for your second self (and/or your company) as well. 

If you are thinking of creating a fictional identify, and you want to hear from someone who has profitably published under a pen name for decades, you’ll find this an interesting event to attend. 

If you have any questions about these upcoming workshops, please send an email to I look forward to hearing from you. 


Please email I look forward to hearing from you.


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