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5 Upcoming Live Online Workshops / 2 This Week including How to Sell Without Fear


We have live events coming up including two this week. Full details are below. To attend them, just become a VIP/PRO member for $10/month (cancel any time) and you'll also get access to all these in-depth videos, workbooks, and other resources representing more than 200 hours of training in writing, acting, producing, consulting, teaching, and designing profitably:

No one is born knowing how to be a financially successful creative pro. It's a skill every creative has to learn. Each and everyone one of us is a small business owner who must find customers, sell products and services, and solve problems in order to survive. For $10.00/month you get the support you need to move forward on your work. Now's a great time to master new skills that help you move forward on your writing projects, plan your next media production, develop new products or launch new services. 

NancyFultonMeetups have been running since 2015. We support 50,000+ in our meetup groups and have dozens of testimonials on Alignable and Linkedin. For links and full details go to

Here are the live events we have coming up . . . 

April 14 @ 7pm:  How Writers, Screenwriters, as well as Actors can use Stanislavski's Method Techniques to Open the Unconscious Mind (Safely).  There's a reason why method actors have dominated the awards for decade after decade. They've been trained in various versions of Stanislavski's Method which is a series of techniques that harness the power of the unconscious mind so they can create intuitively, swiftly, brilliantly and in a way that takes people by storm. Writers and Screenwriters can use these techniques to bring great characters and stories to the page as well. This is a great event to attend if you feel like writing your best work takes too way too long. You'll master a few techniques that open doors to many worlds and people that live inside you.

April 16 @ 7pm: How to Sell Effectively and Without Fear: This is a good time to master skills you know you need, but have avoided acquiring. Most people who don't sell for a living are terrified by the notion of making a pitch and having to persuade people to buy what they are offering. This workshop will help you step right over that roadblock and you'll open the door to lots of great opportunities to do the work you most care about. 

April 20 @ 7pm: Ending Self Sabotage: Most creative pros start out as experts in self sabotage. It's a byproduct of having a mind that can see all the options, all the risks, all the opportunities, and can imagine a wide variety of things happening all at once.  This workshop provides you with some specific skills that will comfortably help you create and execute quick plans that actually get you where you want to go. Unlike most similarly titled workshops, this event won't tell you to just "trust your instincts", or "be confident".  Neither of those things are really the issue for most creative pros.  The tools and resources covered here will actually address the problem creative minds actually have.

April  22 @ 7pm: How to Quickly Explore the Financial Viability of a Project Before You Get Involved: One of the most valuable skills ever is the ability to swiftly calculate whether something you want to do is financially worth the effort. Whether it's a project of your own, one you are being invited on to, it helps to be able to see into the future to assess how well it's likely to go, what the major risks on, and how much you personally will earn. Learning how to do this is a great way to seize the best opportunities and let the others go by without regrets. It's also a great tool you can use to persuade others to support you and your book, film, play, product, service, series of events, etc. 

April 27 @ 7pm:  Fast, Easy, Effective and Cheap Social Media Advertising & Promotion: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube are a river of customers flowing by outside your door all the time. They are readers, film watchers,  students, consulting customers, and design buyers. Understanding how to advertise makes it much easier to connect to these customers in your city, state, nation, or worldwide. But you can spend a lot on advertising without knowing how to capture people and without knowing how to close them.  This tutorial arms you to start running effective ads for as little as $5 a day. 

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