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4 Workshops Coming Up / Making Sure You Got Your Supporting Videos/Workbooks


This is just a quick follow up to mention that we have 4 workshops coming up, with more in the pipeline. You can sign up for them one by one, or get access to them all by becoming a VIP/PRO at

Reminder: Right after you sign up for any workshop you get access to supporting resources designed to help you make the most of the event. Always open the confirmation email and read it to find out how to get those resources.  It's often a lot of key additional training/support delivered through our Netflix-style on-demand training library. If you signed up for something recently, and can't find the confirmation email, fire off a message to so I help you find it.  Note, you can watch (or listen to) videos on computer or phone. 

Aug 26 @ 7pm Swiftly Changing Your State of Mind So You Can Work

Very important set of tools and techniques for getting unparalyzed and functional so you can work as a producer, author, screenwriter, expert selling services. These aren't mindfulness or yoga or exercise (which are very useful) but several practical exercises specifically for creative folks that help pivot business plans, see options, seize opportunities, etc. Sign up at

Aug 31 @ 7pm Practical Course in How to Start a Work From Home Business

Master many easy ways to swiftly generate money from skills you've mastered, art you create, or stories you tell. And you learn how to do that without having to set up and office or work out of the house. Starting and running a good business isn't rocket science, and its something creatives tend to be pretty great at with the right introduction and support. Sign up at

Sep 9 @ 7pm Producing Film & TV With Unreal Engine / Darnell Williams Producer & VPS

Darnell, founder of Elektrashock Studios (, is an expert in virtual production and motion capture technology. You've seen his work on TED (working with Seth McFarlane to animate the TED), and he's worked for Digital Domain, Walt Disney Imagineering, Nvidia, MTV, Sony Pictures, Square, etc. He's worked with producers at every budget level to develop, budget, and produce motion picture and television media. The Unreal Engine is a high speed, free, 3D gaming platform used by hundreds of millions worldwide. Film and television producers at Disney, Warner Bros, Sony and independent productions around the world are using the Unreal Engine to dramatically cut production costs while increasing production value. You can place live actors inside Unreal Engine 3D environments, shoot special FX in real time, and can put live actors and 3D digital characters in real time. If you're making a feature film, documentary, episodic tv series, animations, game shows or reality TV you can't afford to miss this workshop.  Sign up at

Sep 23 @ 7PM RoadMapWriters: Get Mentoring, Notes, 1-to-1 support from Leading Hollywood Writers, Producers & Publishing Insiders 

Roadmap Writers allows screenwriters and authors to receive mentoring, career advice, and noted from high-value Hollywood Insiders working at leading studios and agencies. It also allows them to connect established Publishers, Editors, and Authors who have track records of significant success in book publishing. You can see a list of 180+ writers who have been signed through Roadmap Writers at, and you can see a list of dozens of insiders who offer 1-to-1 monthly mentoring through the program at  Sign up at

If you have questions about these workshops, please email me at

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