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4 Upcoming Workshops / (FREE TODAY) Video & Workbook on Getting Paid Faster & Getting Paid Up Front


We have 4 workshops coming up before then end of the month.  We also have a video and workbook that are free today that cover how to get paid fast and how to get paid up front. 

Most small businesses and creative entrepreneurs go out of business because they can't figure out how to get paid quickly, get paid on contracts that take weeks or months to complete, and don't know how to help their customers pay them more.  This workshop covers approaches and services than can help you and your business thrive. 

Click the links below to get access to learn more about all these events. 

  • VIP/PRO members automatically get access to all these workshops, and all the videos and workbooks that go with them, and all the new videos and workbooks I'll add this month. They don't have to use these links to sign up. If you want to be a VIP/PRO MEMBER so you can get access to it all for $20/month, sign up at


FREE TODAY: Recorded Workshop on Getting Paid Fast and Getting Paid Up Front (Free Today)

Aug 31 @ 7 Start a Business in 2021 Workshop

Aug 19 @ 7pm Making Movies on Zoom that You Can Sell Profitably (Online Workshop)

Aug 26 @ 7pm Swiftly Changing Your State of Mind So You Can Work

FREE Aug 12 @ 7PM: Interview with Linda M. Wright Screenwriter, Consultant and Ghostwriter for Family Friendly Screenplays and Television 

If you have any questions, please email me at I very much look forward to hearing from you :)


Many Testimonials from Happy Customers at 

THURSDAY! Free Face-to-Face High-Tech Studio Event / 4 Live Online Events Coming Up

Free Face-to-Face Producers Virtual Production Event Thursday at Virtual Frontier / 4 Live Online Events Coming Up

Swiftly/Profitable Creating Cartoons with Character Animator Posted / Finding Buyers & Distribution

LAST CHANCE! TODAY @ 7PM: Making Cartoons Fast with Cartoon Animator for Fun & Profit / 3 More Live Online Workshops

Wednesday: Making Cartoons for Fun & Profit / Coming Up: 3D Photos of Sets, Human Voice Emulators, Finishing Screenplays Fast

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