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4 Live Workshops Coming Up / Free This Week Copyright & Work-for-Hire Law & Tiny Budget Feature Film Strategies for Frugal Producers Videos


Below, you'll find links to the upcoming live workshops for the next 30 days. VIP/PRO members can access these videos free with their membership. To become a VIP/PRO sign up for $20/month at

You can cancel at any time. In addition to the live online workshops, you get access to 110+ recorded workshops covering everything from making movies, to writing, screenplays, to publishing books, to selling your work profitably across media. Note you can sign up for $70/year and get 40+ workshops and new videos all the time.

FREE VIDEOS: Wondering what our events are like? Watch Copyright & Work-for-Hire Law with Leading Entertainment Attorney Paul Levine, and Tiny Budget Feature Film Strategies for Frugal Producers free for a limited time.

I think the Copyright & Work-for-Law, in particular, covers very important information every creative needs to know, because what we all do to make a living is create, license, and sell our work. It's shocking how often people sign contracts that effectively give away their work, and how often producers and publishers pay for work they don't own and can't control. Attorney Paul Levine covers important things you need to know.


Feb 16 @ 7PM: Finding Good Collaborators and Confederates

In this workshop you learn ways to find and build pleasant, profitable, mutually beneficial, creative collaborations. Specifically, we will look at how to identify, reach out to, and meaningfully connect with people you want to work with. We’ll discuss who you should be looking for, what you should be looking for, what you should be offering, and what to do when relationships you have begun don’t turn out to be a great fit. This is an important workshop for you if you feel isolated and cut off from the kind of creative and professional relationships you want. 

Feb 23 @ 7pm 10 Visibility Strategies to Maximize Revenue & New Opportunities

How do you know you want to work with Stephen Spielberg, Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephen King, Aaron Sorkin, or any of the famous and not-so-famous people you hope to be on a project with someday? You know because they are visible. You know what kind of work they do and how good they are at it. You know what sets them apart. You and your work have to be visible if you want to thrive. As long as you and your work remain invisible, no one knows what you stand for, what kind of work you do, or why they should want to involve you in their projects. In some cases, you need to be visible to the entire world. In some cases, you need to be visible just to people who hire people like you. In this workshop, you learn ten easy-to-follow-recipes for quickly making you and what you do more visible and more important to those who matter most. 

March 2: Creating an Online Course That Quickly Sells

Most of us working in the media industry have unique skills we can sell to others. Whether it’s designing a movie poster, editing a trailer, creating a pitch book, or writing a comedic screenplay, we have tools, techniques, and strategies it would help others to know. The question is, what’s the fastest, easiest, most cost effective, and easiest way to market a course so that the time you put into it actually pays off. In this workshop you learn how to swiftly launch a course that you sell or give away free as a way to get customers for your business. This is a step-by-step soup-to-nuts presentation. It will help you avoid spending too much time, money, effort to earn a good return on your investment. It will help you figure out pricing and promotion. Note, the tools in this workshop can be used to sell everything from cooking and gardening lessons, to classes in how to draw. They work for any skill you want to sell. 

March 9 Writing Sales Copy that Sells 

There’s a trick to writing film blurbs, script descriptions, book blurbs, course descriptions and other sales copy so it sells your work. When you understand how easy it is to create this copy, what to say and how to say it, its much easier to earn a good living from your work. Furthermore, knowing how to write copy that sells actually helps you quickly create new media and services that sell easily and well. You know what people are looking for, why they want it, and that makes it much easier to give it to them. 

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