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3 Workshops Coming Up in December on Screenwriting, Producing, and Creating Great Work

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We have 3 Upcoming Live Events in December. If you are VIP/Pro Subscriber you can attend the Dec 9 and Dec 17 free. You'll will receive links to attend 24 hours before the event. You can attend the Applied Hypnosis Workshop for Film & TV Pros with Dr. Mark Gasson for $6

Dec 9 @ 7PM Writing, Protecting, and Selling a Screenplay / Free Screenwriting Software (LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP) Sign Up Here:

If you want to write screenplays and need a solid primer in the fundamentals this is a great workshop. You learn not only where to get screenwriting software, but how to format a screenplay, how to protect it, how to get professional help editing/improving it, and where you can find producers actively looking for screenplays to buy.  It comes with several workbooks and videos that are delivered immediately after your sign up. Note Pro Subscribers already have access to all these resources. 

Dec 15 @ 3pm Applied Hypnosis Workshop / Demonstration for Film, TV & Theater Pros by Neuroscientist Dr. Mark Gasson (Face-to-Face Workshop) Sign Up Here:

This is NOT a workshop on how Hypnosis can make you more creative, more confident, or more relaxed. It's a workshop designed to help Film and TV Pros understand the hypnotic brain state, how it is triggered, and why we call the media we like best "riveting", "compelling", "enchanting", etc. Many very successful producers, performers, composers, cinematographers, and writers consciously and intentionally use hypnotic inductions and triggers to make their work capture our minds. 

Dec 17 @ 7 PM What's a Producer to Do? A Producer's Check List (Live Online Workshop) Sign Up Here:

When you decide you want to produce a project, you take on responsibility for a wide variety of business, employment, tax, and intellectual property right issues. You become legally liable for meeting some requirements.  If you don't know what a producer is supposed to be doing as they develop, fund, produce, distribute and market their project, you will find this a useful workshop to attend. It comes with several workbooks and videos that are delivered immediately after your sign up. Note Pro Subscribers already have access to all these resources and can attend this event free. 

DON'T MISS OUT ON FULL SUPPORT: Become a Creative Pro Subscriber to Get In-Depth Training & Support for your work as a filmmaker, author, screenwriter, performer, expert speaker or creative professional. Full details at

If you are Pro-Subscriber, you get access to new resources and new events all the time. You get access to 140+ workbooks and videos as well. You can attend most face-to-face events for $5. Right becoming a pro subscriber is $10/month or under $60/year.  That pricing ends soon.  

FREE TODAY: HOW TO SELL YOUR CREATIVE WORK (Recorded Workshop & Workbook) Get dozens of free tools and resources that will help you instantly earn more from your work as a writer, screenwriter, producer, performer, designer or other creative pro. Gumroad link:

Please email me if you need help or support at  I look forward to being of service to you. 

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Nancy Fulton

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