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3 New Workshops / Creating & Selling Fabulous Documents Fast / VIP PRO Price Change


We have 3 Workshops already scheduled for July, including this week's workshop on how to very swiftly create and sell documents.  If you don't want to spend several weeks or months creating a book to sell, and you do want to be able to sell your work directly to customers keeping 95% of the money you earn AND while also selling your book on Amazon to reach their huge market, this is an important event to attend.  You will also learn how to use a pretty book to build a mailing list of folks who will buy a film, documentary, consulting services, coaching services, etc. You can sign up for the JULY 1 workshop at

Here's a list of upcoming events scheduled for this month . .

  • 1 July @ 7pm How to Very Swiftly Create and Sell Fabulous Books and Other Documents (Live Online Workshop)
  • 8 July @ 7pm Social Media Marketing and Running Workshops on Clubhouse (the Hottest New Social Media Experience)
  • 15 July @ 7pm Entertainment Attorney Paul Levine addresses Option Agreements, Management Agreements, and Shopping Agreements

You can sign up to attend them all by becoming a VIP/PRO member. That currently costs $20/month. It is about to cost $35/month, so now is a very good time to become a member. You get access to a huge library of 60-90 minute in-depth training videos and workbooks by joining, and you get access to several live workshops every month. 

If you are a current VIP/PRO member, your price won't change. 

FINALLY if you missed Attorney Paul Levine's workshop on COPYRIGHT LAW and WORK FOR HIRE agreements, you have 24 hours get it free at

If you are a writer, screenwriter, or artist you need to understand copyright and work for hire rules because what you sell is intellectual property. Unless you understand these fundamentals you don't know how to protect what you own or how to license and sell your work to others. If you are a filmmaker, you are buying and licensing the work of others to create a brand new work that you can license or sell.  

Failure to understand these fundamentals makes it really hard to earn a living from your work. Remember you can reach Paul S. Levine at or via email at and via phone at (310) 450-6711. 

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

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