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3 New Live Workshops: Making Movies on Zoom, Interview with a Ghostwriter, Swiftly Changing Your State of Mind So You Can Work


We have several live online workshops coming up. VIP/PRO members can attend them all free and they get access to all the resources and personal support that goes with them. If you are not a VIP/PRO, become one at With your membership you get access to all the videos and resources at

$5 Today: Get an in-depth recorded workshop on producing your film on a green screen stage using 3D sets and special FX. This makes your film much cheaper, much faster to produce, and vastly reduces the possibility that you'll be shut down by Covid. You can buy 3 Camera turn-key virtual production systems for $250K that you can shoot multiple features, reality shows, talk shows, and game shows on. Get the workshop and details on the system at:

FREE Aug 12 @ 7PM: Interview with Linda M. Wright Screenwriter, Consultant and Ghostwriter for Family Friendly Screenplays and Television  

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This workshop addresses the issues involved in producing "family friendly" media. Writer, Ghostwriter, and Script Consultant Linda Wright addresses what you need to know about creating high value content for commercial film and television release. This kind of content generally actually has higher value in distribution than the R-rated content many producers think is a "cash cow". Find out why . . . 

$10 Aug 17 @ 7pm Swiftly Changing Your State of Mind So You Can Work (Online Workshop)

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The last couple of years have been nothing but curve balls. But, if you are a creative, you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, a person who must be able to produce on demand. You need to be able to focus and work day in and day out or your career will disappear. Every day that dawns is a day you can't get back if you waste it. This workshop gives you a set of techniques, tools, and resources that you can use to get yourself out of panic-mode and clear your mind of distractions so you can work. Best of all, these techniques work quickly and reliably because they depend on exactly what makes you a creative pro. 

$15 Aug 19 @ 7pm Making Movies on Zoom that You Can Sell Profitably (Online Workshop)

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Several films have been made on Zoom during the pandemic and they've proven to be good business for their creators. Zoom provides some very interesting opportunities for great performances, very innovative screenplays, shocks, laughs, and incredible drama.

In this workshop you'll be introduced to several successful zoom projects so you can get a better sense of how this kind of production can be true entertainment, and you'll learn the tools, techniques, and strategies you can swiftly bring to bear on producing and selling your own projects. 

Sign up for workshops one by one or get access to all workshops and hundreds of other resources ( by becoming a VIP/PRO. Get ongoing training, expert interviews, encouragement, personal answers to your questions for $20 or less per month.  Become a VIP/PRO member here:

More workshops coming soon :)

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