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2 Live Workshops This Week! Finding Buyers for the Film and Episodic TV / Video You Create (OTT, SVOD, AVOD, Broadcast, etc)


We have two live workshops this week.

  • Oct 25: Oct 25 @ 7pm: How to Sell Your Writing, Editing & Analytical Skills on Fiverr
    Sign up: This is a perfect workshop for you if you want to learn how to sell any service as a reader, writer, producer, performer, or expert on Fiverr profitably.

  • Oct 28: Finding Buyers for the Film and Episodic TV / Video You Create (OTT, SVOD, AVOD, Broadcast, etc) Sign up: In this workshop you discover a variety of ways to find and research buyers who are looking for the kind of content you produce, and you discover the difference between buyers and the kind of deals they want to do.

If you are a VIP/PRO member, you will automatically get Zoom links to attend both live workshops free by 3pm the day of the workshop. You also get full access to all 100+ workshops at which you can access by phone or computer.

For $71/year (that's $6/month for in-depth training on how to produce, publish, and sell services profitably) you can become a VIP/PRO at

Awareness . . .

One great thing about being a VIP/PRO and attending the several workshops we run each month is that you get a little more training every week. You get introduced to topics you wouldn't otherwise research (like copyright and work-for-hire rules) that frequently turn out to be really important.

For example Disney's new lawsuit against the Marvel writers is a direct result of employment, copyright, and work-for-hire rules that stem from how the writers were originally engaged by Marvel.

Check out and

You can attend live workshops, or skip them and watch the videos later, but either case you know you can find the information later.


How do I fund and produce my feature film or documentary?

How do I hire actors, cast, and crew?

How to Profitably Publish (and earn more from your Films / Documentaries through Books)

Note: VIP/PRO members have full access to all these resources free with their membership.

Tip: Many training videos come with workbooks. Just click the Resources tab when you're watching any video to see any supporting documents.

These workshops re designed to be undertaken in any order so you can learn what you need to know when you need to know it.

Remember you can email me at if you have questions about any workshop or can't find information you're looking for.

I'll be adding several workshops for November shortly :)

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