FREE: Places to Sell Your Films, Short Films & Videos Profitably

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Sign up here to learn how to sell your film and video content profitably. Remember to check your email after sign up to get the link for the video library.

  • Several active marketplaces where you can list your finished films for distributors to buy. We discuss OTT, AVOD, SVOD, Broadcast and other distribution options.
  • Several free and cheap ways you can start selling your own films and videos directly to customers.
  • Marketplaces where you can share your b-Roll footage, photographs, and other content to other filmmakers for use in their work. You can earn $40-$100+ everytime someone buys 1 to 3 minutes of your footage.
  • New ways to earn revenue share from videos posted on Facebook, Youtube, etc.

If you receive:

  • Instant Access to a 45-Minute Video How to Find Buyers & Distribution for the Film and Video Content You Create which covers OTT, FAST, SVOD, AVOD, Broadcast, and other solutions.
  • Instant Access to a 45-Minute Video covering Selling Your Video, Animation, and Images through Stock Footage Sites for use by other creatives including how to post content, what makes it more valuable, etc.
  • Instant Access to 90-Minute Attorney-Led Workshop on Copyright and Work-for-Hire Law to help you understand what you can legally sell and what you can't, that features leading entertainment attorney Paul S. Levine.
  • Instant Access to a 60-Minute Workshop on creating Film Deliverables for Distributors, including issues of content issues that must be addressed in production and post-production in order to maximize the value of your media.

If you have any questions, email I look forward to hearing from you.

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You'll get instant access to 3 videos and a link to a live online workshop on June 20 @ 7PM

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FREE: Places to Sell Your Films, Short Films & Videos Profitably

0 ratings