Micro-Budget Movie Production Secrets (Six Workshop Collection)

Nancy Fulton
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When you get this bundle of 6 Recorded Workshops you receive practical, straightforward, easily actionable advice on how to produce profitable micro-budget movies affordably. This is an important collection of resources for anyone who wants to make feature films and documentaries for a living.

6+ Hours of Instruction Covering . . .

  • Micro-Budget Movie Production Secrets covers the design, development, production of documentaries, mockumentaries, and micro-budget features, and discusses exactly what a dozen micro-budget featured did right. Learn from the success of others, and get step by step instructions on building your own micro-budget project from the ground up. This is a practical guide on building a sellable film you can afford to produce.
  • Contract Law Fundamentals featuring Attorney Justin Sterling talks about the fundamentals of what a contract is, how handshake deals are done (so you can avoid doing them), when a contract may not be binding, how one party or another can break a contract through specific types of behavior, and what to do when things go wrong.
  • Copyright & Work for Hire Fundamentals featuring Attorney Paul S. Levine addresses what copyright is, when it is created, why it is important for writers, screenwriters, filmmakers, and other content creators to understand. What rights it gives creators, and how it can be sold or given away. He also touches on work-for-hire rules, and why the contracts producers and publishers offer those whose work they buy or commission have to be correctly written. This is a key workshop for anyone who is creating, buying, selling, or licensing content.
  • Stealing Visibility: How to Make Your Books, Screenplays & Films Instantly More Valuable discusses a myriad number of ways to make the content you create more valuable by tying it to things people already care about. It addresses tools, techniques, and strategies you can use to make your work more relatable, more interesting, more relevant, and more marketable. If you find yourself frequently struggling to get people to pay attention to your work, you'll find this an important workshop to review.
  • Places to Sell Your Films, Short Films & Documentaries (SVOD, AVOD, OTT, AMAZON, ITUNES, NETFLIX, etc) addresses a wide variety of places, ways, and means to sell the video content you create. It discusses Subscription Video on Demand, Advertising Video on Demand, and Over The Top solutions. It talks about marketplaces where you can list the content you want to sell to distributors for free, and talks about ways/means to release your content on Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, etc. If you want to sell your media, this is an important workshop to review.
  • Fair Use and the Right of Publicity featuring Attorney Justin Sterling discusses the key concept of Fair Use which is what may allow you to legally use the work of another creator in your work without permission. Perhaps more important, it discusses when this unpermissioned use is not allowed. Sterling also discusses the Right of Publicity which limits the use you can make of another person's likeness, name, etc. in your work without their permission. Gaining basic insight into these two rights may help you design, develop, and produce more content, more marketable content, and more profitable content going forward. They are fundamental principles of law that producers must be aware of as they produce documentary, mockumentary, and many kinds of feature film content.

If you have questions about these resources, or the topics they cover, please email nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

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“ Nancy you are amazing. Thank you for doing all this to benefit all of us newcomers. ” — DP

“ Very relevant and helpful. Nancy, you're doing a great job! Thank you! ”

— Pamela Davis

“ Nancy is amazing and such a gift to the filmmaking community. ”

— Jim Henson

“ Nancy, you amaze me with your giving spirit and ability to bring such great guests on board. Thanks for all you do to help us excel in our careers. ”

— Susan Shearer

“ A very useful, educational resource that is incredibly generous in giving knowledge and expertise to the film making community. ”

— Pippa Hinchley

“ Good information resource. Well organized. ”

— JB

“ Nancy's Film Funding Club is very valuable. Always lots of great information. It's very obvious that she puts a lot of work into these seminars for us (slide shows, audio recordings, coordinating guest speakers, etc.). I am very grateful and appreciative to her and her guests for their time and talent to help further our careers. ”

— Jodi

“ interesting, innovative approach. thank you, Nancy! ”

— Camille Bacos

“I'm thoroughly enjoying this club. I wish I had found out about it way earlier, I'd be way ahead of the game. I would recommend this club to anyone who truly wants to learn the business aspect of the film industry. ”

— Reinaldo D'Amico 

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Micro-Budget Movie Production Secrets (Six Workshop Collection)

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