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MAR 21 @ 7PM AI Music Creation vs Stock Audio (LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP)

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In this workshop, you learn how to create AI Music of a specific length, in a specific genre, with specific instruments, at a desired tempo for your projects. For film producers, this allows you to swiftly create projects you can sell without expensive licensing agreements. For audiobook authors and podcasters, you can create intro music, transition music, and end music you can use over and over again to brand your content. For those producing live events like plays, salons, and poetry slams, we'll talk about how you can avoid expensive demand letters from music licensing groups.

We'll also talk about where you can buy non-P.R.O. music libraries you can legally, quickly, and cost effectively incorporate into your work, and how you can legally work with musicians to use their songs in your work.

Topics addressed include:

  • Issues encountered in using music in live and recorded projects, and how they can become very expensive very quickly.
  • AI Tools you can use to create music for your projects, including some you can use for free.
  • Where to buy stock music you can license for use in your projects without paying royalty fees and some insight into how you can edit the content.
  • How to buy famous songs for use in your work.
  • How to hire artists to work to compose music for you legally.
  • Issues in writing new lyrics for existing songs for use in your projects.
  • Where to find the lawyers you need to create agreements for music licensing and commissioning original music, and why they are critical to ensuring that you can sell your content to distributors, or sell it directly to customers.
  • Why E&O insurance is important for musicians and producers using licensed music.

This is an important workshop if you plan to use music in your projects, and the tools, services, and strategies you discover will help you create media for years to come.

With this workshop you get instant access to the following resources, which include 5+ hours of video:

  • A Zoom Link for the Live Workshop
  • 1090 Copyright & Work-for-Hire Law featuring Leading Entertainment Attorney Paul S. Levine
  • 7796 Contract Law Fundamentals featuring Expert Litigator Justin Sterling
  • 1160 Fair Use and the Right of Publicity with Expert Litigator Justin Sterling
  • 7660 Attorney Asa Pitt Addresses Copyright, Divorce, Death & Creative Rights Agreements
  • 4200 Production Insurance, Completion Bonds, and E & O Insurance with Ed Rowin
  • Within 24-hours of the live event, you'll get a recording of the live event added to this library of resources.

If you have any questions about this workshop, please send an email to I look forward to hearing from you.

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MAR 21 @ 7PM AI Music Creation vs Stock Audio (LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP)

0 ratings
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