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ChatGPT Book & Screenplay Research, Outlining & Editing Techniques for Your Original. Projects

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This in-depth workshop offers insights on how to use AI technology to enhance your work as a professional media creator. In a world where AI solutions like ChatGPT are becoming more prevalent, it's crucial to understand how to harness its potential to improve your productivity and create compelling content.

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By learning how to use ChatGPT effectively, you'll be able to differentiate yourself as a creative and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry. Don't fall behind, join us and discover the power of AI technology in content design, development, and creation.

In this workshop you learn how to use ChatGPT to:

  • Outline and edit your projects quickly
  • Compare several versions of possible projects so you can choose to work on the one that will sell best.
  • Eliminate grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors in text you've created
  • Rapidly re-draft content, changing from one genre to another, from one time period to another, one tense to another, etc.
  • Conduct thorough research for your book and screenplay projects without visiting hundreds of web pages.
  • Create content you can use to pitch and sell your projects.
  • Revitalize stagnant and/or abandoned stories and projects
  • You'll learn how to turn audio recordings and video recordings into transcripts you can then turn into text for books and screenplays.

This workshop includes full access to a host of supporting workshops that cover more key skills and creative you can use to write great content more quickly.

  • 7804 14 Plot Factories and Story Generators
  • 7800: Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Characters, Locations, Illustrations, Covers & Posters
  • 7802 Using Artificial Intelligence to Write Better and Faster (non ChatGPT options)
  • 7798 Creating Transcripts and Caption Files Quickly & For Next to Nothing
  • 7797: Understanding Creative Capital / Critical Training for Creatives
  • 7808 How to Create Animated Videos of Yourself & Your Characters Talking Using Artificial Intelligence

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ChatGPT Book & Screenplay Research, Outlining & Editing Techniques for Your Original. Projects

0 ratings
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