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Writing a Book or Screenplay in 40 to 80 Hours with Smart Sprints

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Writing a Book or Screenplay in 40 to 80 Hours with Smart Sprints

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Nancy Fulton
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In this workshop you master the skills required to use sprint-writing techniques to write your screenplays, books (even non-fiction books), stories and other content more quickly. Even if you are a seasoned writer, adopting the techniques in this workshop will help you write more quickly, and writer better content, by helping you sidestep a lot of self-sabotaging habits you probably learned in school.

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A writer that can get four great books, or four great screenplays, out the door a year earns more than a writer who can only generate one or two a year. Faster writers have more to sell, and they can feed their hungry audiences more of what they want to buy.

Writers who write more quickly also often find it easier to stay more focused and engaged with their content. When a book takes you six months, it's easy to get sick of it. When you spend four months editing a book, and two months editing it, it is easy to get bored and frustrated.

When you can get a fully written and edited book or screenplay out the door in three months, you're moving on to something new as often as the seasons change. It's simply easier to stay focussed and engaged when you are not re-reading and re-working the same words day after day after.

In this workshop you learn:

  • Why sprints are measured in minutes and hours, not days.

  • Why three 50 minute sprints can help you write more great words than a single un-sprinted 8-hour day.

  • How to adjust your writing process to make writing ~1000 words an hour easy.

  • Writing sprints, editing sprints, and marketing sprints, and how they help you build a writing career while relieving a lot of pressure.

  • How producers who understand sprints are better equipped to get what they need from writers, and how they can use sprinting techniques to own and control more of their work.

Even if you've been writing professionally for years, sprinting has something to offer you. A fast writer becomes much faster, and often writes much better, when they benefit from what leading writers have learned about how they work.

This workshop comes with 3+ hours of additional in-depth training delivered via the following supporting videos:

  • 1027 Writing a Book or Screenplay in 40 to 80 Hours with Smart Sprints

  • 1510 Stanislavski's Method for Writers

  • 2400 Creating Very Persuasive Speech & Media based on Insights from Jung, Erickson, Lakoff & Bernays

If you have questions about this workshop, email nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com.

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