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How to Launch & Produce a Podcast Profitably (Live Online Workshop)

If you want to learn how to produce podcasts using the same tools, sign up for this recorded workshop. Immediately after you sign up you will receive access to:

  • Video: Producing a Podcast Video 
  • Workbook: Producing a Podcast 2019
  • Video: Audacity Audio Editing for Podcasts 2019
  • Workbook: Audacity Editing Guide for New Podcast Producers 2019
  • Video: Hiring Actors and Others Legally with Castifi 2019
  • Video: Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals
  • Workbook: Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals

Note VIP/Pro members all this, and get immediate access to more than 200 hours worth of instruction in 140 recorded workshops and videos for $10/month, as well as access to online events. If you are not a member, sign up at https://gumroad.com/l/dUzqTK/VID0nly

During the live event you will learn:

  • How to launch your podcast in a couple of hours.
  • How to start producing your podcast without purchasing any equipment.
  • How to use Audacity to edit your podcast, add music to it, and export it into a file format that works for podcasts. 
  • How to upload your podcast to Podcast distribution services.
  • Where and how to find great guests for your podcast easily.
  • How to promote your podcast
  • How to use your podcast to acquire a paying audience for whatever you do
  • Several practical ways to earn revenue from your podcast.
  • How to hire actors and editors to work with you in producing your project.
  • Intellectual property fundamentals you absolutely must know in order to ensure you retain ownership and control of the content you create and don't infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. 

If you are a writer, screenwriter, producer, attorney, or anyone who sells expert services, producing a podcasts is one of very best ways for you to build a pool of fans who like you and your work enough to buy what you sell and recommend you to others. It’s also one of the least expensive and swift ways to create and release great content.

Tip: The LORE podcast was acquired for release as a series by Amazon. This is becoming a common trend. Podcasts bring not only content but an active fan base to those who acquire them.

If you have questions about this set of resources before or after purchase, please email info@nancyfultonmeetups.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


“ Nancy you are amazing. Thank you for doing all this to benefit all of us newcomers. ” — DP

“ Very relevant and helpful. Nancy, you're doing a great job! Thank you! ”

— Pamela Davis

“ Nancy is amazing and such a gift to the filmmaking community. ”

— Jim Henson

“ Nancy, you amaze me with your giving spirit and ability to bring such great guests on board. Thanks for all you do to help us excel in our careers. ”

— Susan Shearer

“ A very useful, educational resource that is incredibly generous in giving knowledge and expertise to the film making community. ”

— Pippa Hinchley

“ Good information resource. Well organized. ”

— JB

“ Nancy's Film Funding Club is very valuable. Always lots of great information. It's very obvious that she puts a lot of work into these seminars for us (slide shows, audio recordings, coordinating guest speakers, etc.). I am very grateful and appreciative to her and her guests for their time and talent to help further our careers. ”

— Jodi

“ interesting, innovative approach. thank you, Nancy! ”

— Camille Bacos

“I'm thoroughly enjoying this club. I wish I had found out about it way earlier, I'd be way ahead of the game. I would recommend this club to anyone who truly wants to learn the business aspect of the film industry. ”

— Reinaldo D'Amico

If you have questions about resource, or run into any trouble at all signing up please email me at nancy.fulton@yahoo.com

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How to Launch & Produce a Podcast Profitably (Live Online Workshop)

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