COVID-19: New Film/TV Producer, Cast, and Crew Risks & Solutions Featuring Attorney Justin Sterling

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In this recorded workshop seasoned attorney and litigator Justin Sterling, Esq, founder of The Sterling Firm (THESTERLINGFIRM.COM), addresses what film/tv producers, cast, crew, and other industry business owners need to know COVID-19 and it's impact on everything from insurance and financing to hiring requirements and set hygiene. 

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These resources address:

  • What responsibilities producers and other industry businesses have to keep their employees, contractors, and customers safe going forward and how to meet those responsibilities.
  • What insurance policies they should consider to mitigate the risk of losses due to errors by those they employ and issues caused by society at large.
  • Why and how production, services, and content development contracts must amended to address new risks.
  • Claims many business owners and producers are making against their insurance companies and the problems arising in getting paid on legitimate claims.
  • Corporate structures that should be in place before you re-open your business or dive into production which help separate your personal assets from your company’s assets.
  • How to determine how production laws and requirements vary from state-to-state and how precedents are being set that will govern the industry going forward.
  • COVID-19's impact on the court system, on litigation, and on enforcing contracts using the legal process.

This is an important event to attend if you are planning to launch or relaunch productions in the weeks to come, or are cast and crew who will be supporting production going forward. 

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— Reinaldo D'Amico 

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COVID-19: New Film/TV Producer, Cast, and Crew Risks & Solutions Featuring Attorney Justin Sterling

4 ratings
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