AI Voice Impersonation with Full Expression for Film, Animation, Audio Book & Podcast

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In this workshop, you're going to learn about solutions that will let you make your voice sound like dozens of other characters ranging from men, women, and children to animals.

One of the tools we'll be demonstrating is good enough at communicating human expression that it has been used by leading Hollywood studios on their flagship projects.

Using these tools:

  • You can record all the voices for an audiobook, podcast, or cartoon (remember our several workshops on making cartoons). You can sound like any person of any age, and even like talking animals. If you are an author or actor , this opens a thousand doors. You can create more, sell more, and collaborate more than ever before. (Tip: Voice actors become able to produce their own projects, and they vastly increase the range of roles they can play when working with others).
  • You can create digital voices you can use in the short term or in perpetuity. For filmmakers, who have actor permission, they can use digital voice to do ADR which can save them a lot of money during production. For those producers creating feature animations or cartoons, they can create digital casts, or they can hire a single performer to play multiple roles.

You will learn:

  • How to calibrate your voice so that the AI can determine your range of expression and map it to the new voice.
  • How to record and voice content for conversion by the AI.
  • How to choose from a library of existing voices (men, women, children, non-humans).
  • How to convert audio in to the new voice.
  • What to do if you want to clone a specific person's voice so you can use it in projects going forward.
  • How to calibrate your voice so you can use AI voices to sing alone or in chorus.
  • How to use the new voice in video, animation, audiobooks, podcasts, pitches, etc. going forward.
  • How actors use this system to make it easier for them to earn more money for the characters they can voice passively.
  • How actors can use this solution to significantly increase the number of roles they can play in a wide variety of productions, or to produce their own projects quickly & cost effectively.

This recorded workshop comes with 7+ hours of supporting video instruction.

  • 7798 Creating Transcripts and Caption Files Quickly & For Next to Nothing
  • 7800: Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Characters, Locations, Illustrations, Covers & Posters
  • 7813 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning / Protecting Your Work & Expertise
  • 7814 Using Voice Recordings to Make Animated Characters Talk
  • 7710 Using Digital Voices, Voice Emulation & Cloning for Producers, Writers, and Actors
  • 7808 How to Create Animated Videos of Yourself & Your Characters Talking Using Artificial Intelligence

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AI Voice Impersonation with Full Expression for Film, Animation, Audio Book & Podcast

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