Profitably Publishing Books: A Practical Guide for Writers, Screenwriters & Filmmakers

Nancy Fulton
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You don't have to wait for publishers to buy your work, or for an agent to sell it. You can profitably publish your book on your own. 

This workbook and set of three videos covers what you need to know to publish a print books and kindle books on Amazon, how to make books available on Apple's iBook, Barnes and Noble's Nook, and Scribd.  

It covers how to work with a ghostwriter and a professional graphic artist to create illustrations and graphic novel art.


  • How to format books for publication as print and ebooks.
  • How to work with a professional ghost writer to create a first draft or get help polishing your book prior to publication.
  • How to work with a professional artist to create artwork required for graphic novels or illustrated books. 
  • A print guide with procedures and links to resources.

You Learn

  • How to Give Your Books the Look & Feel of Books Published by the World's Leading Publishers
  • How to Publish Your Books On Amazon in Print & on Kindle in so they are available for purchase in about 48 hours.
  • How to Publish Your Books to Apple iBooks, Nook, Scribd, and other eBook Platforms which often generate more profit than you get through Amazon sales.
  • How to Run Ads for Your Book on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • How to Earn Royalties of 30%-70% on sales of your book through Amazon and up to 85% Royalties elsewhere.  
  • How to Get Printed Copies of Your Book in Under a Week (particularly handy if you want to do custom versions of a book)
  • How to Quickly & Cost Effectively Purchase (or create) a cover, and how to ensure it will sell well for you. 
  • How to Promote/Sell Your Books Quickly Online and Offline
  • How to Issues Effective Press Releases for Free and for Cheap
  • How to get interviewed on the Radio about your Book
  • How to handle bad reviews
  • How to Register Your Copyright for Your Book and Why You Should
  • How having a successful book makes getting a film made much easier.

Sample ebook template to help you format your ebook correctly for Amazon Kindle and other ebook platforms. There are thousands of other book design templates online. 
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Profitably Publishing Books: A Practical Guide for Writers, Screenwriters & Filmmakers

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