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SOLD OUT : OCT 30 @ 10AM: 3-HOUR FACE-TO-FACE WORKSHOP Writing Your First Screenplay / Tools, Structure, & Tropes

Nancy Fulton
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The address for the workshop is 2219 Main Street in Santa Monica. All attendees received followup email with the details yesterday, and they were also on the receipt right after you ordered. The workshop is sold out, but I'll be running it again. You can reach me at nancy@nancyfultonmeetups to find out when.


This is the perfect workshop for anyone who wants a fast, practical, pointed primer on writing a feature film screenplay. Whether you are someone with a great idea for a movie, or someone with a book you want to turn into a film, or a producer who wants to make their first production wholly their own.

In this workshop you learn where you can get free and cheap professional screenwriting software, the varying structures they can follow (3-Act, 9-Act, Heroes Journey), the relationship between tropes and genre's, writing characters so they can be played, and how to outline scripts so you can draft a screenplay in 2-3 weeks, not 3 months or 5 years. We'll also talk about working with co-writers, and what will happen to your screenplay in "development".

Right after you sign up, you'll receive a link in the receipt, and via email, to the many resources that go with this workshop.

In this in-depth workshop, you'll:

  • Talk about your project and your objectives for it.
  • Find out where to get content creation tools for free and cheap, including those that can help you create a better screenplay faster.
  • Become familiar with competing structures for screenplays including the 3-Act Structure, the 9-Act Structure, and the Hero's Journey.
  • Learn how to outline a screenplay over the course of a few days so you can get a good draft out the door in two-to-three weeks.
  • Learn where you can start pitching your screenplay(s) to producers and become familiar with how to get an agent.

This workshop comes with many recorded workshops which provide in-depth information and links to resources so you can start learning even before the event starts. See the full list of resources below.


The 3-hour face-to-face event will be held in Santa Monica. It will be organized as a business meeting / round table. Bring your computer, if desired, so you can take notes, visit websites, etc. Be prepared to talk about your work and the plans you have in mind for your screenplay. Do you intend to sell it? Produce it yourself? Is it a large budget project or an indie film?

Location: The Santa Monica location for this workshop will be provided one week before the event. This ensures only those who registered for the event attend. Street parking is free and there are several nearby public lots.

Refunds: There are no refunds after you sign up for this workshop unless it is cancelled, because you get instant access to all supporting materials and can start reaching out for 1-to-1 answers to your questions immediately after you sign up by sending emails to nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com.


You get instant access to the following resources as soon as you sign up for this workshop. You can start reviewing this content right away, and can email questions to nancy@nancyfultonmeetups.com for a personal reply. If you prefer, you can attend the face-to-face meeting first then review these resources.

  • 7740 "Stealing Visibility" : How to Make Your Books, Screenplays, Films, etc. Instantly More Valuable0 (1:30 Hours)
  • 7700 Swiftly Vetting Editing Finalizing Screenplays so You Can Exit Infinite Edit Mode (1:30 Hours)
  • 7510 Actual Places to Pitch and Sell Your Screenplay, Find an Agent, or Find a Manager (1:30 Hours)
  • 1027 Writing a Book or Screenplay in 40 to 80 Hours with Smart Sprints (1:10 Hours)
  • 1042 How to Get Mentoring, Career Advice, and Notes from Agents, Managers, & Hollywood Insiders / RoadMapWriters (1:00 Hours)
  • 1042 How to Get Mentoring, Career Advice, and Notes from Agents, Managers, & Hollywood Insiders / RoadMapWriters
  • 4700 Pitching & Selling your Screenplay with Attorney Dinah Perez (1:20 Hours)
  • 4750 What Hollywood Agents and Managers Need to See with Marc Pariser, formerly with CAA / William Morris (1:14 Hours)
  • 4250 The Why and How of Screenplay Coverage for Screenwriters and Producers (1:00 Hours)
  • 1620 Writing, Protecting & Selling a Screenplay with Free & Cheap Screenwriting Software (1:23 Hours)
  • 1630 Writing a Screenplay with Final Draft Screenwriting Software (1:14 Hours)
  • 7660 Attorney Asa Pitt Addresses Copyright, Divorce, Death & Creative Rights Agreements0 (1:20 Hours)
  • 1350 Making a Film or Web Series with Friends as Partners (1 Hour)
  • 7796 Contract Law Fundamentals featuring Expert Litigator Justin Sterling (1 Hour)
  • 1090 Copyright & Work-for-Hire Law featuring Leading Entertainment Attorney Paul S. Levine (1:36 Hours)
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Instant Access to 14+ Hours of Video Training and a 3-Hour Face-to-Face Workshop


SOLD OUT : OCT 30 @ 10AM: 3-HOUR FACE-TO-FACE WORKSHOP Writing Your First Screenplay / Tools, Structure, & Tropes

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