Funding Your Indie Film or TV Series featuring Adrian Ward, Senior Director Banc of California

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In this workshop, Adrian Ward, Senior Director & Market Executive at Banc of California, will be addressing how producers work with banks to fund their projects. Ward has more than 28 years experience in entertainment banking, specializing in film & TV production financing utilizing pre-sales, foreign and domestic tax credits and gap. 

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This workshop was free to attend live. We've now made a recording of the workshop and supporting resources available at a minimal price, or you can get all these resources and 200+ more by becoming a vip/pro at

This workshop addresses:

  • Why bank funding is often the most profitable form of funding for film and TV producers
  • When bank funding for producers is personally secured (i.e. must be paid back no matter what) and when it isn’t.
  • The budget level at which bank funding for a film or TV project makes financial sense.
  • The list of things producers need to have in hand before a bank can help them fund their project and the process of “development” that creates those items.
  • How entertainment banks that specialize in entertainment lending can help producers connect to reputable sales agents and distributors so they get “bankable” pre-sales agreements.
  • When banks can provide loans against state film and tv rebates to fund content production
  • Why bank funding usually requires a completion bond and how to get one.
  • How collection account management makes it easier for producers to ensure banks, investors, and people with back end deals all get paid as agreed.
  • Why producers should reach out to banks early in the development process rather than late if they want to secure bank funding.
  • Pandemic-related issues in bank lending.

Bonus Material

Immediately after you sign up you get access to a recording of this workshop and the following additional resources: 

  • Funding your Indie Film or TV Series featuring Adrian Ward, Senior Director Specialty Banking Banc of California which discusses how to work with banks to fund your films and TV series.
  • Making Sure People Get Paid on Back End Deals using Collection Account Management with David Zannoni from Fintage House, which discusses the "waterfall of revenue" from a film and how banks, investors, and others get paid after a film is finished. 
  • Getting Production Insurance and Completion Bonds featuring Ed Rowin which discusses how Producers get these tools required to get bank funding for films in many cases. 
  • Making the $1M+ Movie A Detailed Step by Step Plan which discusses how feature films are profitably developed and funded using banks and investors. 
  • Legal Issues involved in Producing during the Covid 19 Pandemic featuring Attorney Justin Sterling. 
  • Fundamentals of Virtual Production and Realtime Animation, a primer that covers shooting your films using live actors on digital sets, digital characters, and special fx. This can significantly reduce the cost of shooting your film. 

If you have any questions about this workshop, please reach out to Remember you can find additional support resources, and testimonials at

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  • 4 Videos and 2 Workbooks

  • 4 Videos and 2 Workbooks


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Funding Your Indie Film or TV Series featuring Adrian Ward, Senior Director Banc of California

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