Interview with Linda M. Wright Screenwriter, Consultant and Ghostwriter for Family Friendly Screenplays and Television

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In this recorded workshop Linda M. Wright ( addresses the work she does supporting screenwriters creating family friendly screenplays, and the work she does with book authors and non-writers that have important stories to tell. 

 She is a veteran screenwriter with experience in production at Warner Brothers, and her focus is specifically on creating content that families can watch together. Family friendly projects focus on core values that cross cultural and religious boundaries. These projects are generally easier to sell because the content is most readily acceptable to overseas buyers. These projects are generally G-rated, which means they also sell to the broadest possible audience demographic.

If you are currently struggling with writing your family friendly screenplay, or simply want to have one written for you, this will be an interesting and important workshop.

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In this workshop Linda will address:

  • Examples of family friendly films and the characteristics that define the niche.
  • Genres of family friendly films and the values they incorporate (ex: family friendly adventure films versus family friendly Sci-Fi films).
  • Some popular films that are family friendly and what they’ve earned.
  • Her background as a screenwriter and a script consultant and ghostwriter.
  • What she looks for in clients and their stories before she agrees to help them.
  • How she works with clients to “find a sellable production-worthy story” and how long the process of story development and writing takes.
  • Who owns the copyright, and all subsidiary rights, to work she helps people create.
  • How she helps people learn how to present their work to producers, agents, or managers when it’s required.
  • How payment arrangements are handled.
  • What happens when/if rewrites are required by a producer or agent.
  • Linda will also address her availability to act as an editor, coach, or to give notes, on screenplays that have already been written.
  • Linda services include taking you from the “idea” to the treatment to the finished script.

This workshop comes with free access to the following recorded workshops:

  • Attorney Paul S. Levine addresses Copyright & Work-for-Hire Law
  • Contract Fundamentals for Producers and Other Creatives with Attorney Justin Sterling

If you have questions about this workshop, please reach out to I look forward to hearing from you. 

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A Recorded Workshop featuring Linda M Wright and 2 Supporting Attorney-Led Recorded Workshop

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Interview with Linda M. Wright Screenwriter, Consultant and Ghostwriter for Family Friendly Screenplays and Television

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